During Melissa’s First Days in England…

…she was surprisingly energetic and wide awake. As she stated, a majority of our first day was spent in London. We attended Eucharist in St. Paul’s Cathedral and below the Cathedral, wandered the crypts where the Duke of Wellington and Lord Nelson are buried.

abbey.jpgabbey2.jpgabbey4.jpgAfter missing getting to go into Westminster Abbey, we briefly entertained the idea of participating in Evensong at 3 pm, but matters of the flesh won over any remnants of spiritual piety….we hit the local pub for some food and beverages. Kale found out the hard way that a 50 pence piece will not float on the head of a Guinness.

Our futile attempt to find the BBC store was….well, futile. We managed to stumble into the bank district of London, which was nice and peaceful and void of any major tourist attractions, except those most obscure in nature and that only Melissa would be interested inaldersgate.jpg….the conversion site of John and Charles Wesley. aldersgate2.jpgI guess they mind melded and found Jesus. aldersgate11.jpg  Oh….Melissa just informed me that Charles was converted a week later. So much for my Vulcan jokes.

tube2.jpgDespite our overall inability to find the BBC store or Wesley Chapel, we did manage to navigate our way to a tube station tube.jpg (which Melissa later noticed causes morning after symptoms such as black snot) and make it back to Epping tube1.jpg where we hopped into the car and right into a nice little traffic jam. Oh how we love to queue!

Once back in good ol’ Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, we searched high and low for a copy of Doctor Who, Season 1 and/or 2. I do believe there is a shortage of available Doctor Who DVD’s. There’s most definitely a shortage of Region 1 Doctor Who DVD’s. :o) ppc.jpg (OK, Kendall, What is this?)

Sunday morning, we were a bit late to church (as usual for Kale and I), but made it in time to see choristers being inducted to the Foundation of Ely Cathedral. The Eucharist was as beautiful as ever and I still am in awe that we are so blessed to have such a beautiful and loving environment in which to worship.

After church, we ate enough Indian food to feed a small village and then walked a little bit of it off exploring the city….and Melissa worked off her curry by bowing and worshiping at the window of the yarn store…or running up and down the aisles. (Choose your flavor…..as Melissa screams, “Lies, lies, they’re all lies!” as I type….and it’s all half true….and 11 pm….a wicked combination bound to cause tall tales and Melissa dreams of handsome Englishmen – do those exist?)

We traveled to the base and bought food for a little Doctor Who evening fiesta, which we watched on the BBC (Melissa would like to make an emphatic note that it (in your best English accent please) was not on video, not on DVD, but….I say…but, on the BBC! BBC Three to be exact. (And please say THree and not Free when using your English accent. Cockney is not becoming to you my darling.)

Tomorrow shall consist of more adventures and misadventures to be told at a later date. At the top of the list: Barclays bank so that Melissa can fully experience queuing. Once we have shrapnel to spend, we shall head out to the Peak District and look for the likes of Mr. Darcy and Mrs. Darcy…..because they have bewitched us body and soul and we luffff, we luffffff, we lufffffffff them.


6 thoughts on “During Melissa’s First Days in England…

  1. beccamosley

    My husband is about to submit a comment objecting the fact that the blog states, “we were a bit late to church (as usual for Kale and I).”


  2. For the record, only ONE of us is 15minutes late on Sundays!

    Oh, and the search for the BBC was fruitless, but for working from memory of a town of 8 million people (and without a map), I think I did pretty well. We missed by 4 blocks.

  3. outtahere

    I am impressed with Kale’s navigation around London. If it weren’t for his accurateness to the BBC store, I never would have found Aldersgate.

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