London, et al.

Westminster Abbey Methodist Central Hall 

My flight to London/Gatwick was uneventful including the event of sleep. I dozed for an hour but was wide awake for the rest of the flight. Becky and Kale were there to meet me…and life with Becky is an adventure.

We spent the half hour of my time in the UK trying to find Becky’s car. When we finally located it in the South terminal car park (my flight came in on the North terminal), Becky was parked to close to another car and a pole. The passenger side door would not unlock and the driver side door was blocked by another car. Fortunately, the back window slides open and Becky slid herself into the car (wearing a skirt), convinced that the police were going to arrest her for breaking in.

We drove up to the village of Epping and caught the tube into London. We went to St. Paul’s Cathedral and celebrated Eucharist (Holy Communion). We walked around the cathedral and then took the tube to Westminster Abby. We arrived at 2:00 and the had stopped allowing tours at 1:45. grim.

We went to a pub and ate a wonderful lunch. We tried to find the BBC store but with no luck. However, we stumbled upon Aldersgate where the great Evangelists and founders of Methodism, John and Charles Wesley had their conversion experience.

We wandered through the banking district and caught the tube back to Epping and headed back to Ely, via a traffic jam and Mildenhall. We arrived in Ely around 9:20 and it was still light outside.

Pictures coming soon!


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