We Played Poohsticks – Friday June 22

We headed to the county of East Sussex near the home of Winnie the Pooh author, AA Milne.  We visited the House at Pooh Corner in Hartfield (Yes, Tressie.  The Kenny Loggins song wove its way through my brain.) After this, we played pooh sticks at the Pooh Bridge in the 500 Acre Wood (aka 100 acre wood) in Ashdown Forest.



Becky chooses her stick.


Melissa chooses hers.


And we head for the Pooh Bridge.






And Becky’s won.  Why doesn’t this surprise me?


4 thoughts on “We Played Poohsticks – Friday June 22

  1. WJS

    “Isn’t it funny why a bear likes honey? Buzz Buzz Buzz. I wonder why he does” ~Piglet

    I believe you have fulfilled a hidden dream of my mother’s. I’m not sure if she knows that Winnie the Pooh was made in England, but if she reads this post she will be jealous. I have no idea how to play pooh sticks, something I have never heard of in my life. However your post has touched my heart. Therefore, when I rule the world, you can have Sussex. Hey, its no more strange than some of these posts :P. Glad you had a good time.

  2. You are living the dream, Melissa. If playing Poohsticks on Pooh Bridge just down from the House at Pooh Corner doesn’t win the hearts and minds of your students next year, what will?

    Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

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