11/2-4/07, Greensboro, NC

Kairos Outside Logo On November 2-4, I participated on a Kairos-Outside team. Kairos is a ministry to people in prison; Kairos-Outside is a ministry to the women on the outside of prison who love them. Often these women are marginalized because it is not them that is incarcerated but their loved one(s). However, many forget that part of the heart of a woman is in prison, as well. Frequently, these women experience anger, guilt, shame, unworthiness and are shunned. This ministry is to remind them and teach them of God’s love for them. The team serves them, treats them with respect while teaching them how to live within the realm of God’s love in freedom. This was my second opportunity to serve on a team.

Because of God’s work through my simple obedience to be the musician, this weekend I will always remember. I have received invitations to lead music on the next three Kairos-Outside weekends. If I am able, I humbly pray that God will use me in more ways than I can ask or imagine.

If you would like to help,mail a check or money order to:

Kairos Outside of North Carolina
P.O. Box 37163
Raleigh, N.C. 27627

BTW…Thank you to those that helped me crochet cross bookmarks. Your contribution is a continuous blessing.



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