OK. So I’m not outtahere.

Yes. Still is what I am. Not traveling. Taking care of two households…yes I said two.

I wanted to touch a bit on a conversation I had today. My church is working on a spiritual gifts seminar. We are now meeting in small groups to discuss the spiritual gifts of the individuals of that group. One of our group said, “I didn’t know you had that gift. Imagine what church would be like if everyone knew how others were gifted.”

Indeed. A crucial statement. The Church would run somewhat smoothly if we were aware of each other and how God works in our lives. How is God using us as individuals to push the Church on to further His Kingdom and prepare for His coming in glory?

Another crucial thought here: will we recognize the gifts of individuals and be open to how the Spirit is working in and through them? Will we listen to the people who have the gift of discernment when they sense something amiss? Will we trust those with the gift of craftmanship to make help the worship services to be more meaningful? Will we look beyond skills and employ the gifts? Will those with the gifts invite those with corresponding skills to help?

Until He takes me outtahere, I will continue to consider the process of studying not just my spiritual gifts but also those of others.

Let me know your thoughts….


4 thoughts on “OK. So I’m not outtahere.

  1. I have never really thought of investigating the spiritual gifts of others. I’m always so self-absorbed that assisting others in finding their gifts has never crossed my mind. Really good insight. Have you been able to help someone find his/her spiritual gift? If not, what is mine? 🙂

  2. Buddy

    We sure miss you…. Please give me your personal email address.
    We have moved and changed servers
    Good to know you are following up on GIFTS
    we intended to do it alone but you know I need encouragement…
    Love you

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