What are you looking for? Could there possibly be more tales and pics of Melissa’s misadventures? Not yet. =S But very soon.

My digital camera died sometime ago but soon I will acquire another. I have been admiring the photographic skills of Alicia Paulson. If my photos can be nearly as eye pleasing, I will be happy. I’m sure the camera she uses is better quality than one I can afford.

On other things….I’ve started my seminary class. Thus far it’s been interesting. Unlike a lot of people, I DO NOT LIKE a good argument. (Is there such a thing as a GOOD argument?) Anyway, there are people in my class that do like an argument and freely initiate them. Because of my great dislike of them, it always feels like they’re picking a fight. I know they’re not but certainly feels like they are. That’s the danger of online classes – Tone of questions and inquiries are not heard through the written word.

Time to run.


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