The cycling field

The field through which I cycle.
The field through which I cycle.

My life is slowly changing an cycling is a huge part of the change.  When I stay with my mom, I have to ride through a field to avoid the traffic of the highway.

This field is currently empty but slowly it is being developed.  The houses you see in the distance was once farmland and swampland.  It is now housing for the ever increasing population of our area.  The average person cannot afford the houses that are built in “Old Beaufort” so new developments are going up.  What’s wrong with a society that has to build new houses because the middle class person cannot afford the empty houses that are already built?

I enjoy the time on my bike.  When I was growing up, I spent my alone playtime on my bicycle.  I’m wishing now that I had learned to fix a chain and change a tire.  As a child, whenever my chain broke or tire burst, I had to wait until Christmas to get a new bike.  C’est la vie.  Perhaps one day someone will teach me those basic tasks that will save me money on bike purchases!

Tomorrow morning, I will probably venture down to the waterfront to enjoy the morning and peacefulness.  I wish life could be this simple while I’m working.

Field facing south.
Field facing south.

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