Carolina in the Pines

A Street in Southern Pines, NC
A Street in Southern Pines, NC

July 18-20, I visited my friend in Southern Pines.  It was this weekend that I went with the intent of teaching her new eating habits in light of her current health problems.  Although we did get some cooking done, we also took some time to play.

Gap Creek Store

We ventured downtown and made our way into Gap Creek Candle Company Store where they sell WONDERFUL candles.  (Can you tell I love candles?)  This particular store also sells pottery from an artist in Seagrove, NC (The NC pottery Capitol.)

Gap Creek Store

I bought three candles.  I love the way the scent wafts through the air and smells of lavendar, pine or citrus.


We then went to a produce stand and bought fresh fruits and vegetables.  The tomotoes and peaches were wonderful.  It was with the tomatoes, onions and peppers that we made homemade tomato sauce.  Once you’ve had homemade, you won’t go back.

I am one who, when creating a recipe, does not pay attention to how much of what goes in.  I will tell you what ingredients I put in the sauce.

Tomato Sauce
Around 10 large tomatoes
1 large green bell pepper
1 Large onion
Basil, Chives, Oregano, Parsley and salt to taste.
Tablespoon of Olive Oil

Puree all ingredients in food processor or blender.
Pour mixture into a dutch oven, bring to a boil.
Turn the heat down to low/medium and let simmer for around 3 hours.

I hope that helps.   =)


One thought on “Carolina in the Pines

  1. heather Glennon

    melissa i wonder if you remember me… I am Denny’s oldest daughter… well I was just reading your blog and see where you came into Southern Pines.. well I work in Pinehurst and live in Hamlet.. Mom and Dad also live in Hamlet.. If you ever get this way again Please let me know i would love to see you again.

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