Let me tell you about my Compassion Child

Help make a difference in the lives of children in need. Now is the time to sponsor a child.

Meron is my 17 year old child.  She is a beautiful Ethiopian girl who lives with her foster parents.  They work sometimes as farmers.  She attends Sunday School and is in the Choir.  She plays volleyball. She wrote me a letter once describing going swimming and seeing hippopotumi in the water in the distance.  Can you imagine?

I must confess, I have not done a very good job in writing to Meron, therefore she knows little about me.  I have pledged to myself that I would write more often – at least once a month.  This was a habit I had gotten into some years back but it has fallen by the wayside.

Meron is the 3rd child I have sponsored through Compassion International.  My first child was misplaced during a civil war in Zaire – now the Congo.  They the introduced me to Meron.  During a concert I picked up a sponsorship form for a little girl in Ecuador named Melissa.  She was a delightful little girl.  She moved to another town where Compassion does not have a project.  I was financially unable to sponsor an additional child.

I am thankful to have Meron in my life.  We pray for each other and she writes me quarterly.  It is my prayer that in the coming months she will hear from me often.

Visit the Compassion International site and learn more about them.  They are a ministry with great integrity.  Perhaps you will be inspired to help release a child from poverty, in Jesus’ name.


2 thoughts on “Let me tell you about my Compassion Child

  1. I love to see others blogging about Compassion International! Your little girl in Ethiopia sounds so special! I can assure you, she would love nothing more than to receive letters from you! When I’ve been in other countries with Compassion, children have asked me to find their sponsor when I return home, and ask them to write (or send photos, if they haven’t received one yet). Also, several children “just happened” to have their sponsor letters & photos in their pockets at various projects I just visited in the Dominican Republic this winter. I don’t think we have any idea how important we are to these little ones. Thank you so much for your loving support of Meron — and for speaking up for Compassion! We can make a huge difference as we all do our part.

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