I did it.

I put it on the calendar on my cell.

When my cell phone beeped at me on Saturday morning, I thought, “I didn’t hear my phone ring.”  I ignored it and kept sewing.

After a couple of hours of ignoring, I finally went to see why my phone was trying to get my attention.  It said, “Write Meron.”

Oh, yeah.

In case you haven’t read, Meron is my child through Compassion International.  I had promised myself that I would write to her once a month and last Saturday was it.

In the evening, I sat down at my computer and began to write….um, write what?  Talking about writer’s block.  So much has happened yet the information was overwhelming.  So much so, that I didn’t know what to write.  I told her about the weather here and encouraged her with Scripture.

This is an opportunity to stress the importance of journaling daily.  Not only is it a good spiritual practice, it helps when it comes to writing to your child of Compassion.

What does one journal about?

  • Write prayers.  Often I have had answers to those prayers before I finish writing what I wanted to say to God.  It’s also good to look back and see what you asked for and how God later answered.
  • What happened today?  there is so much that happens in a day.  Don’t forget that even the little things are significant – but don’t sweat them.
  • What am I feeling?  Sometimes when the words may come out of your mouth like a rant, journaling is more cathartic and  keeps others from being bombarded by ill words allowing them a lot more grace.

Do you know of any other benefits/reasons for journaling?  Let me know.  Leave a comment.


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