Sometimes, I let myself tackle more than anyone should take on.  But it makes life interesting.  I am currently working on 3 major crochet projects…yes I said 3.  I am seriously considering frogging (ripping out) one of them for I have already made more mistakes than I can count.  I will work on that one eventually because I believe it’s beautiful


I am a part of a Crochet-A-Long where a group of people all work on the same project.  We have the privilege of sharing our progress.  The project of this CAL is a crochet sampler.  It is sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn and I think it’s beautiful.  I wanted to make it with the yarn it called for.  However, Michaels didn’t sell that yarn and I wasn’t in the mood to tackle Wal Mart on a Saturday.  Here’s my beginning progress:

square 1 of crochet sampler.
square 1 of crochet sampler.

I haven’t gotten very far.  It’s made with one strand of yarn and a large hook which makes it look a little sloppy.  My hope is that when it’s put together with other squares, it will work itself out.


My other project is making a grocery bad out of…you guessed it …. grocery bags.  I cut plastic bags into strips, tie them together with a slip knot, create a ball of plastic yarn and crochet it.  If you’re local, you might be able to pick out what bags come from what store.  Not finished yet but still working on it.

grocery bag
grocery bag


If you’re interested in either of the projects, leave a comment and I’ll contact you.


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