Is there a word for it?

As I write, I am watching PBS’s broadcast of SoundStage “Dennis DeYoung and the Music of Styx.”  As I listen to these songs, it conjures up memories and emotions that rarely show themselves.  I can feel it deep down into my guitar playing fingertips.  My heart is racing with excitement. Many of my friends may be surprised that I have always been such a Styx fan.  My love of Classical, Christian and Blue Grass music have disguised the foundation of Classic Rock and Roll that shaped my musical soul.

As I listened, it stirred in me my love of music that was developed in me as a kid.  I found myself playing air guitar and singing every word – both the melody and harmony.  If you can imagine it – I can – I can sing  all  3 parts at one time.  Do you believe it?  That music of Styx, and many other bands from my childhood, kept me company on days and nights when no one else was around. I feel like I have just received a visit from an old friend that I haven’t seen in a very long time.

My question is, what is the magic of music that stirs in us such emotion and memories?  What is it in music the contributes to the spawning of love and sometimes hatred?  What is it about music that causes us to close our eyes and sway to the beat?  What makes us tap our toes?  What does it contain that keeps a lonely adolescent company?

What are your thoughts?  Is there music that has inspired you in the same way?  Have you listened to it lately?  Go ahead.  Enjoy it.  You may find yourself smiling….and playing air guitar!


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