What does yarn taste like, anyway?

On October 4, I went to The Salty Sheep Yarn Shop yarn tasting.  Many of you are wondering what in the world is that?  For a small fee and early registration, the owners offer you samples of the yarn in their store.  If you’ve ever shopped in a yarn store, you know it’s a difficult experience to buy a yarn without having tried it and then not like it.  These samples let you work with it a bit, pet it and see what can be made with it.

Some of the samples we received were:


With my Rowan Colourscape sample, I crocheted a quick head band.  It was wonderful to work with.  That was one of my favs.  Another favorite was the Louet Euroflax.  I look forward to making a bag with that yarn.

I also got party favors and I won a ball of yarn as a door prize.  It was a wonderful evening.  Thanks to Peggy and Amber for their hospitality.  I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Have you ever used any of this yarn?  What did you make?  Did you like it?  Are any of these your favs?


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