I really wanna get outtahere

With all the turmoil that I have had to face this week, I am so ready to get outtahere.  The problem is…the price of gas.  I would love to hop in the smurf-mobile and withdraw from this place and all the circumstances that have cause such great anxiety this week.

I could ride my bike but unfortunately, I am not in any physical condition to make such a journey.  Perhaps a Saturday morning jaunt to Ocracoke would prove to be a good trip for me.  I don’t have to ride the whole island but I could ride the whole village.  I’m sure there’s a pub where I could grab some lunch then head back on the ferry.  I could spend the time on the ferry knitting, crocheting or reading…..hmm.  Do I sense a plan forming in my head…hmmmm.  Checking ferry schedule……

Dang….piano lesson…

to be continued


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