There’s no gettin’ outtahere – random ramblings

I made a plan but then my plan failed.  I made another plan…that plan fell through.  Now, there’s no short day trip on the bike because it’s raaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg.  That’s right.  The old man bumped his head.

Because of the darkness that the clouds bring, I just may curl up in bed and read my book.  I could knit…or even crochet. The aroma of the ham I put in the crockpot this morning is wafting through the air.  All I need now is a big ol’ pot of beans.  All this on a rainy day. I tell ya, there’s nothing like living in the south.

Something else that could be done today – My piano would love to be played.  I got some new music from my piano teacher and it wouldn’t hurt me to sit down and look at it.  Beethoven could stand a gander, as well.  Schubert, as well.

Have you ever met a more diverse person?  Ham, a pot of beans and Beethoven.  When did all those come together?  To me, the image is funny.  I’d bet Beethoven would love to sit down and eat ham and beans with me.  However, I know he would not enjoy listening to me play his Sonata Pathetique.  My rendering fits its nickname, for certain.  But there’s once consolation – Beethoven was deaf.  He’d never hear it.

I promised random ramblings and you got them!

May your day be blessed by rain, Beethoven, your craft and a big ol’ smoked ham…and maybe a book.  =D


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