Why is it so unusual?

For various reasons, I have chosen to ride my bicycle to work many days this year.  (One of my coworkers rides his every day rain or shine; but I digress. )  My coworkers are always shocked when they see me on the bicycle.  What is so shocking about that?  I am staying close enough to my place of employment (a school) that it is indeed feasible.  Is it because they would never dare do it themselves?  Is it because I am less than fit and they didn’t think I could make it that far on a bicycle much less own one?  Or is it because I generally have a quiet and introverted personality and they’ve never gotten to know me well enough to know that I love to cycle?  I’m not competitive by any means but I do love my bike.  Long and leisurely rides are characteristic of my journeys.  It’s good exercise and it saves money.

Oh, kids are so good at stating the obvious.  A student shouted at me this morning, “You’re riding a bike!”  Gotta love ’em!


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