Knitting and other political things

Normally, my fiber craft of choice is crochet. Lately, however, I’ve been knitting a sweater. I was inspired and decided to tackle it. Now I know why I prefer crochet!

Although crochet uses a lot of yarn, it goes a lot faster. It helps that I’m a pretty fast crocheter. If I sat down for 4 hours, I would have both sleeves of a sweater done. In 7 hours, it would be done in its entirety. On Monday night, I knitted on one sleeve for nearly 4 hours and still wasn’t finished. On Tuesday night I knitted on the same sleeve for 3 hours and finally finished it – not the sweater but the sleeve. Tonight I start the second sleeve. Where’s my crochet hook when I need it?

On to other things….

Yesterday I went to the poll to vote. As usual, there were campaigners outside handing out last minute fliers. One person came up to me, looking very official, asking if I would like to see a sample ballot. Since I had not seen one, I agreed to take one. When she showed me the ballot, she pointed at one of the presidential candidates instructed me to fill in that bubble – as if I had no other choice. Then pointed at the bubble next to her party and instructed me to fill in that bubble – again as if I had no other choice. In another town, half way across the state, one of my best friends experienced the same things. She even saw one man hand out the ballot and telling people to just copy that ballot, all the bubbles of their party filled in.

Although this is campaigning and they were doing this in the allotted area, I think it is a dirty trick. I personally knew who I was going to vote for and their futile attempts to change my mind didn’t sway me. I believe this was doing an injustice to those who might not have been so resolute and aware of their cunning and wily ways. My friend took their filled in ballot and voted the opposite of what their ballot suggested. In my case, I just laughed and flatly told the woman that I was not going to vote in the way ballot suggested. She looked shocked as if I offended her. Hello, I was the one who was offended. I think it is dirty campaigning and at the next election, I will tell as many people as I know about the trick.

OK. I’m coming down from my horse, now, which is far from high.


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