I hab a code.

I sit here all wrapped up in my jammies and housecoat skipping worship so as not to share the germs.  I am contemplating a shower and the usage of the neti pot but I just don’t have the energy.  Ibuprofen…where’ s my ibuprofen?

Last night I started on some mittens for the children of Pine Ridge Reservation.  I made one pair and decided they were too big so they’ll wait for something else.  These mittens are specifically for Kindergarten children.  I think I have 2 1/4 pairs made.  I really can’t remember.  I started and stopped so many times last night, it’s making my head spin.

I have to play at the hysterical…I mean, historical grounds today and I really don’t feel like it.  At worship there was someone to take my place.  At the hysterical grounds, there won’t be.  Perhaps after my shower, I’ll feel better.

Oh…I don’t wanna move.


2 thoughts on “I hab a code.

  1. Echos of my Sunday except I didn’t have any other obligations.

    Did you make it to the historical grounds? Hope you were feeling better and that it didn’t really put you down. What instrument do you play?

    Sickies, not fun. Hope you’re feeling better.

    1. outtahere

      I did make it to the historical grounds. I didn’t feel very well but I did make it. I play the flute and am part of a flute quartet. I am feeling better but my cold is resting in my ear. =S

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