Keeper of the trash

garbageThere is a lady who lives in my mom’s complex that finds herself the keeper of the trash.  No.  She doesn’t collect it.  Just the opposite.  She wishes that the town would collect it more often.

She lives across from one of the trash receptacles that are nicely camouflaged with a wooden fence.  Just before trash day, one may find her behind that fence organizing the trash cans and the recycling bins.  If she dares to see anyone entering the garbage area, she will make sure to come out and tell you how much she wishes people were more careful when dumping their trash in the cans.    She’s convinced that if more people lived across from the “dump”, they would be more conscientious.

Occasionally, the door gets off the hinges or doesn’t latch well.  If you don’t close it to her satisfaction, she finds you and complains about the condition of the door.

Don’t get me wrong, she is very polite about it.  No one is ever offended by her self-appointed duties to rubbish disposal.  She is always the picture of southern hospitality.

Many of us have self-appointed duties.  I often find myself getting obsessed with tasks and often wonder why no one cares like I do.  However, I could learn a lesson from the “Keeper of the trash”.  She is the epitome of kindness in her duties.  Am I able to say the same about myself?  Does my frustration ever take over my attitude and my tongue?  What about you?  Can you learn from the “Keeper of the trash”?


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