reclaiming life

The following activities may seem to be nothing to many of you.  However, to me they are great accomplishments.

I had to go to the Doctor this morning where I had to wait over an hour.  I know that many times, this seems to be inconvenient.  The doctor had to admit two of his patients that were before me which caused the delay.  During this time, I knitted.

Later in the afternoon, I had to work on engraving a musical manuscript as well as work on some homework for an upcoming class.  So I went to the library and did the work there.  When I was tired, I walked downtown and got an ice cream.

I came home and made  curry chicken for dinner.  (yes.  I love to cook)  YUM.  YUM.

After spending years with giving my all, I am reclaiming my life.  No.  I have not stopped giving – but I am trying to take care of myself.  All this by the grace of God…


One thought on “reclaiming life

  1. You do that, dear! After all- we’re of no use to the others when we’re sick and unhappy. And it’s no sin to take better care of yourself.

    And, no, it ain’t “nothing”- it’s those small things that keep our sanity and inner peace in one piece .

    D’you know what I did once- I went to the cinema in 10am alone. Of course, by alone, I actually wanted to watch the film with no detractions and by myself but, in the end- I was alone. :))))) What a feeling.

    And you, buy yourself an icecream more often- you deserve it! 😉

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