Can you say weary?

Burnout and grief can be overwhelming when they strike you at the same time.

Some days are fairly ok and then some are hole-climbing days.  At the moment, a hole would be a comfortable place.  The thought of seeing people can be paralyzing, however, when I see people, the feeling disappears.  When the people go away, I ask myself, “How did I just do that?”  A normal, every day task can be so daunting that I want to back away from it.    Sometimes, even watching someone do a normal everyday task causes anxiety.

Although it has to be done, I have to go shopping with a friend tonight.  Shopping on a normal day is rotten.  Today, I will have to make myself get in the car.  When I’m like this, driving can be unsafe.  I sometimes cannot see things around me because of the tunnel vision.  I just have to remind myself that all I have to do is buy a blouse and go home and I should be good.  I hope that it clears up my mind enough to make it to this short excursion.

A nap before the trip may do me a world of good…


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