Finally Finished

I took one of my online seminary courses this semester and I just turned in my final paper.  I feel like everything else in my life has been on hold since February.  I have hardly knitted or crocheted anything.  My bedroom is a disaster.  Let’s don’t talk about the upstairs.  I haven’t been to knit night or to visit with any friends.  It’s not like I haven’t had free time.  It’s just that the coursework hanging over my head made me feel guilty for doing anything else. 

Now it’s over and I may go to Knit night tonight…or not.  I might stay home and read a novel – NOT non-fiction.  I might clean my room; of course that may be a three day event.  I know.  I’ll fold all the clean clothes and put them away.  Yeah.  Or not.  If it’s a calm evening, perhaps a kayaking trip on the sound is in order.  The point is, I have nothing making me feel guilty hanging over my head and to keep me from doing some of the healing things that I desperately need to do. ..Like stay home and knit and crochet.


2 thoughts on “Finally Finished

  1. Kendall

    You shouldn’t feel guilty anyway! It’s not guilt that turns in a paper, it’s desperation!!! LOL!!! Congrats on finishing up the school. Now it’s my turn to go back. 😛

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