I love cats

I adore them.  I have two – Petey and Prissy and they’re litter mates.  Petey is calm and collected but does not like to be held.  Prissy neurotic and loves to be cuddled. 

Everytime I see a cat on television I giggle at their expressions or their antics.  I know my friends think I’m nuts because I always laugh when I see one.  It’s not that I think they’re funny.  They just bring me so much joy. 

Why is it that whenever you’re in the middle of something, a cat has to be in the middle too?  Does anyone really know the answer?  When you don’t mind them being around, they’re off on some little adventure.  The minute you sit down to do something, they’re all over what you’re doing.  When my mom sewed, my cat would always be on top of the fabric.  When I paint, Petey wants to be on the painting.  When I’m typing on the computer, Prissy wants to be on the keyboard.  When I study, Prissy wants to lie between me and the book.  When I work outside, Petey stands at the door meowing wanting to come out with me. 

It really sounds like I’m griping about them but I’m really not.  It’s a part of their charm.  Did I mention that I love cats?


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