“Walks the Fire” and “BoneMan’s Daughters”

I recently finished reading two books.  The paperback book was finished while in Alabama and the other was an audiobook listened to on the trip.

“Walks the Fire”, by Stephanie Grace Whitson is about the faith and the tragic losses of a young woman’s hard life on the Prairie.  Set in the middle 19th century, 21 year old Jesse King from Illinois sets out to cross North America to Oregon with her 42 year old husband and her young son.  Jesse is not an attractive woman and her parents married her off to the first man that would have her – and she wasn’t his first choice. 

An accident took the life of her young son.  Jesse’s husband is a stubborn man which eventually causes him to lose his life.  Jesse, being left behind on the prairie, is found by Lakota Sioux Indians who takes her in and teaches her to become Lakota.  It is a way of life to which she becomes accostomed and considers herself Lakota for the rest of her life.

She marries a Lakota man who is later killed in a hunting accident.  Finding herself pregnant she mourns the only man she ever loved.  Out of jealousy, another Lakota man kidnaps her and takes her to a french trader and traded her for horses.  After a long winter, the trader takes her to a Nebraska fort so that she may find work. 

She later leaves the fort and encounters a runaway slave.  He leads her to what is now Lincoln Nebraska and there she raises her daughter and lives out her remaining life.

The striking aspect of this book is Jesse’s undying faith.  The reader expects everything in Jesse’s life to turn out differently.  I expected her to catch up with the original wagon train.  I expected her to be returned to the Sioux.  I expected her to remarry.  None of those things happen.  Despite the many tragedies in this woman’s life, she holds fast to her faith in Christ and lives the expectation that “all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”  Romans 8:28


“BoneMan’s Daughters” was far different than the Whitson book.  Ted Dekker tells the story of the Evans family and their struggles with love.  Ryan Evans is a naval intelligence officer who, after a rodeside attack in Iraq, is kidnapped by insurgents and forced to watch children being murdered to make him understand the collateral damage of war.  This experience caused him to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  During this trial, he realized that he had been a terrible husband and father and vows to make it up to his family.

Celine, his wife, and Bethany, his daughter, are in Austin Texas deciding that they will no long live their lives expecting Ryan to love them.  Celine finds another man and 16 year old Bethany finds a career in modeling.  When Ryan returned from Iraq, they rejected him and he finds himself distraught and alone.

Bethany is kidnapped by the serial killer “BoneMan” and her father is challenged to rescue her within 7 days. 

This book is thriller based on the battle between good and evil.  BoneMan is manipulative and deceiving.  There are two things that the reader will suspect while reading the book and both are true.  However, to keep from giving the story away, I am going to refrain from explaining what those things are.


Next book “The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen.”


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