“Black” by Ted Dekker

Can you imagine knowing that in three weeks the whole world is going to die and no one will listen?  Can you imagine that the only way you know this is through your life in a dream?  In Black, Tom Hunter and his sister, Kara, are fighting time, authorities and a power-hungry man to save the world from a deadly virus.

After being grazed in the head by a bullet in Denver, Tom awakens in a world untouched by sin.  There he finds a people not separated from God and sin is trapped in its own space on the planet.  Tom finds out that this world came after all the people on earth died after an engineered virus was released airborne.

Tom fell asleep in that world and awakened back in his world.  When he falls asleep in one world, he awakens in the other.  Upon waking, the other world feels like the dream. He gathers information to use in each world to save them from death.

The book is fast paced and one can feel Tom’s and Kara’s panic as it moves.  Don’t expect to find a wrapped up conclusion at the end of the book.  The story continues in book two, Red, and book three, White.


Up Next:  Red by Ted Dekker


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