“Red”, By Ted Dekker

Book two of a trilogy.  Sin has entered Tom Hunter’s alternate world.  A dangerous virus has entered his other.  The only thing that separates the two worlds is Tom’s dream.  The answers to the problems in each world is in the other.

He’s defending the Forest people from the Desert Horde in one reality.  He’s a general and is facing what he believes to be betrayal within the forest.  This world is full of battles, rescues and a mysterious man named Justin of Southern formerly of Thomas’ guard.

He’s searching for Monique de Raison in the other reality.  She is the only one who could possibly have the anti-virus to the deadly virus plaguing the whole world.

The rescue is made however, Tom is met with a bullet.  Monique escapes and finds herself at the CDC frantically trying to develop an anti-virus.

Thomas is met with the identity of Justin of Southern but finds himself watching Justin’s execution…and resurrection.

Like Black, Red has a cliff hanging ending.  The story continues in White.


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