Has it been that long?

I realize it has been forever since I’ve posted something on a blog.  However there is something you must realize:  I am an extremely private person.  For me to put anything down in writing goes against my nature and I am definitely not one to post feelings for the whole world to see.  Over the past months, I have thought of many things to put in my blog:  the Christmas Season as a single person, loving the marginalized, friendship, etc. etc.  Obviously, those blogs never came to fruition and if the profound thoughts return, perhaps I will run straight to my computer, from where ever I am, and jot it down for the world to see.  Until then, this is what ya get.

An old and dear friend sent me a message on facebook begging for the Dr. Watson scarf that is featured on the latest Sherlock Holmes movie.  I looked it up and didn’t think it was all that spectacular. As I researched it, not having seen the movie, it apparently is all the rage in knitting circles and beyond.  No official pattern available, I looked at what other people were doing, as well as photos of the scarf and came up with … something.  So far my friend is satisfied.  It’s a fun scarf to make as I look forward to the color changes and love to watch it develop.  Plain colors with plain stitches bore me.  Here is my latest picture.  I’ve gotten twice as far now but haven’t been bothered to photograph what I have.

Dr. Watson Scarf

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