When I was a little girl, the Advent season was one of the most excruciating times of the year. I awaited Christmas as the presents piled under the tree and counted how many were mine.

“Mama, can I open just one? Please?”

“No. You have to wait.”

So, there I would be waiting for the appointed time. The time to open presents. The time for school to get out. The time for Santa Claus.

The worst thing of all was each Sunday, watching the Advent Candles being lit. The weeks went by at a snail’s pace. But each week, one more candle was lit and the excitement grew. Finally, the fourth was lit and there was a joy that cannot be explained except in the eyes of a child. The wait was almost over.

This morning, I was the guest musician at a local church and I watched the first candle of that familiar wreath being lit. Christ our Hope. Our Hope. Advent means coming. Our Hope is coming. Jesus is coming. Am I as excited as I was when I was a child watching that candle being lit?

Having more theological knowledge now than I did as a child, I know Advent is not about the coming of Christmas – Christ’s first coming. It’s about His second coming. Are we waiting? Are we watching? Are we hoping?

This Advent season, I choose to take the time to prepare my heart for his 2nd coming. I choose to feel the excitement for the coming of Christ as I felt for the coming of Christmas. I look forward to being in His light and knowing His complete rest. I will ask, “Lord, are you coming today? Please?”   I will receive His answer with the disappointment of the waiting or the excitement that comes with the appointed time.

Lord, are you coming today?


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