7-7-7 Challenge

My friend in Twitterverse, @NWilson31 sent out the 7-7-7 Challenge.  The assignment is to go to a writing work in progress, go to page 7, find line 7, and from there write 7 lines.  Since my blog turned my 7 lines into 5, I added more lines.  So here is my 7-7-7 Challenge from #UnexpectedRefuge.

Niall covertly watched through the window as they walked toward the woods behind his parents’ house. The coming night was going to be cold and if that was all the clothes Bekah had, she was going to freeze to death.

“Who were those people?” Niall asked as he continued to watch them disappear into the trees.

“Dunno,” Mr. Green replied, working behind the counter. “Just some travelers passing through, I reckon.”

“Something’s not right about it. I may need your help. Would you be willing?”

“Of course, son. Whatta you need?”

Niall was tired when he awoke. His body was not accustomed to late night rescues and midnight hikes up the hill.

-Unexpected Refuge


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