Despair: Unsettled

Rebekah soaked her blistered hands and feet in the cool water of the mountain stream. She hiked up her ragged skirt and rubbed her hands in the water between her ankles. She then lifted her wet hands and rubbed her neck. How did she get here?

Her parents were dead and the Andersons were kind to her after recovering her from the wreckage. However, things were changing. She had found herself enslaved to the whims of Mrs. Anderson and the source of leers from the woman’s husband. She found her own hygiene disgusting. She tried to bathe, but Mrs. Anderson jerked her away by her hair or Mr. Anderson openly watched while rubbing himself.

Rebekah knew that her 17th birthday was close; she just didn’t know the current date. Mimi would have baked a luscious chocolate cake and Mother would have brought her some fabric or yarn to make something luxurious. Father would have supplied something to use outside on her adventures into the swamp, creeks and rivers. Lee would whisk her away to walk through the garden and steal tender kisses.

If Lee only knew what had happened, he would rescue her. How could she let him know without the Andersons finding out? Nowhere they had been was conducive to finding a way home.

“What are you doing, Wench?” Mrs. Anderson startled her.

“I’m trying to rest.”

“Stupid girl. You’re not here to rest. Now get up and scrub my drawers!”


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