Destiny: Unraveled

Teaser for my Novel-In-Progress, Unexpected Refuge.

Rebekah let her hair down to let the summer sea breezes flow through it while Lee pushed her on the old swing.  She could feel his gentle touch lightly push her back each time she swung back.  Her skirt billowed with each push forward.  She loved this swing.  It always made her feel like flying

As the swing made its descent once more, Lee’s hands stopped her.  She didn’t look at him when he moved her hair and placed gentle kisses on her neck.

“What are you doing?”  she asked with a playful tone.  She did not stop his advances.

“I love you, Rebekah,” his voice was raspy with desire.  As he slid his hands around her waist, she felt his blonde hair on her cheek.

Rebekah shot up and away from him.  “You will just have to catch me to prove it,” and with that, she ran to the old live oak tree.  The limbs were almost to the ground, giving easy access.

As she climbed, she felt a familiar hand on her ankle.  She turned to him to protest but met him face to face as he pounced upon her, holding on the the large limb.

“Tease me, will you?”  He put his lips to hers and kissed her urgently.

Lost in his embrace, she was startled to hear Isaac and pushed Lee out of the tree with a thump.  She jumped down and went to the family servant who was waiting by the swing.

“Your mother and father are looking for you,” Isaac’s words held no emotion.

“Is everything alright?” she asked with concern.

Isaac swung his arm gracefully toward the house gesturing her to go ahead of him.  Rebekah ran away, leaving Lee in the garden, little knowing she would not see him again for a very long time.



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