Asher’s Dream

Asher went to bed to take a nap.  It had been a strange few days.  He hoped he could sleep without the strange dreams.  He did.  Instead, he dreamed of Meggie.
They were sitting in their living room with books, like they had every Sunday afternoon of their life together.
“Asher,” said Meggie.
“It’s ok.”
Asher looked up from his book.  “OK to do what, baby?”
“To move on.”  She looked back down to read.
He opened his eyes, alone in his single bed.  He closed his eyes again to fight back the tears.
He felt a hand brushing the hair from his forehead.  “Mr. McRae?” a soft voice said.
Opening his tear-filled eyes, he turned his head toward the voice.  Emeline Pigott smiled at him and disappeared.



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