Book Blurb

Unexpected Refuge.jpgYa know those blurbs you read on the back of the covers of Novels.  Here’s mine for Unexpected Refuge.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment.

Circa 1800

Running from his shameful past, Niall Elliot escaped to the mountains of North Carolina to build a refuge to heal from the wounds of his heart. All he wanted was to be alone in hopes that he could forget the dreadful events that haunted him.

Uprooted from her innocent life, young Rebekah Tucker and her mother were taken by her father on a secretive, westward journey. Soon Rebekah found herself in the hands of an unsavory couple who forced her into “indentured servitude”.

When Niall answers Rebekah’s plea for help, both their lives will change forever.  They will find an Unexpected Refuge.

@beajames15 #UnexpectedRefuge


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